Ben Class of 2017 // Junction City KS // Kansas Photographer

win The opportunity to photograph another photographer is such a joy. Ben is a young, adventurous and easy-going gentleman. Ben’s talents are numerous but he is well-known in his photography and the technical aspects of theatre (#stagemanagerclub). He has a way of seeing things in ways that others do not. Ben is full of life and in all things, he seeks to find a unique perspective.

orlistat price in india I’ve known Ben for quite some time. In fact, his other sisters are some dear friends of mine from high school. Now, it is Ben’s turn to graduate to pursue the next part of his life.

compute lumigan eye drops price On this particular outing, Ben tagged along to assist me in photographing another senior, who happens to be a close friend of his. We scouted a lovely lake that hides a unique waterfall and small forest. If you’re familiar with Kansas, groups of trees can sometimes be challenging to find (especially the farther west you travel). This place is AWESOME and I cannot wait to return there to take more photographs.

abilify generic cost There are so many great things ahead of you Ben! Wherever the road ahead takes you – may it be full of joy to encourage you and enough challenges to keep you humble and kind. Stay gold, friend.

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