Blonde Beauty Headshots // Manhattan KS // Kansas Photographer

check these guys out This gorgeous woman is one of my best friends and has *basically* become my sister. And I’ll tell you what people, she is going places. As a freshman studying photojournalism, Emily managed to become co-editor at The Collegian and was entered into a sports photography contest that she was recognized for. She’s started her own website, go check her out at to view her portfolio. Plus, her ultimate dream is to be The President’s Photographer (how cool is that!?).

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Her talent is limitless and her heart is so sweet. Emily was one of the first people who supported and affirmed my dream to become a photographer. She’s been my model on multiple occasions and continues to push me to become better. Em, I can’t believe we’re approaching 5 years as friends.

You mean the world to me and I look forward to many sister headshot swapping sessions in the future (say that five times fast). I love you and your determination to do better and be better – I know that God has great plans for you and your photography.

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