Brittany Class of 2017 // Manhattan KS // Kansas Photographer

look at these guys Young people can often get a bad rep from older generations. Especially this upcoming generation that will be graduating this spring. Many refer to millennials as a group without manners, common sense or any number of negative comments meant to discourage. From my experience, young people, like Brittany are far from the typical “millennial” you might meet. She is sweet, kind, generous and thoughtful. And what I think you might find is that the more time you spend with this generation (by definition, us 90’s babies included), the more you’ll realize that they’re just like you only living in a new age. We live in a media-crazed world, full of perfect looking lives carefully illustrated on social media.  It’s a joy to meet and get to know someone like Brittany who has found a higher calling and holds on to something stronger than the number of likes on a photograph (no offense Instagram friends).

   After meeting Brittany and talking for a few minutes, it’s easy to see where her strength and perseverance comes from. In part, it comes from her supportive family and friends who have guided her and loved on her so deeply and intently. But Brittany’s true joy comes from a relationship with Jesus. Her gorgeous face lights up when she talks about serving others and pursuing ministry. She is on fire for Christ and I couldn’t be more excited for her.

Brittany’s session was full of light (literally) and rain (literally). We explored K-State Gardens at sunrise and moved on to enjoy the views at Top of the World. There, God blessed us with a short but sweet rain shower and we embraced the opportunity to capture some unique portraits in the rain.

Brittany, you are so loved by your family and friends. Continue to draw strength and encouragement from them as well as The Word as you step into this new adventure. You got this girl! I look forward to hearing about your ministry and how to continue to love on others, just as Christ loves us.

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